Food Choices for Blood Type AB Diet

Blood type diet is a dietary arrangement for weight loss, which is done based on a person's blood type. The types of foods that are recommended and avoided in this diet, vary for each blood type. Likewise for blood type AB, as a blood type that is quite rare. Diets based on blood type were popularized by a naturopathic doctor named Peter D'Adamo. According to him, the success of a person's diet program depends on the match between food intake and blood type. A diet program that is in accordance with blood type will make the body digest food more efficiently, get extra energy, lose weight, and avoid disease. Right Menu for Blood Type AB Diet People with blood type AB are considered to have stomach acid which tends to be low. The right menu for a diet for those of you who have blood type AB is seafood, milk, tofu, and green vegetables. In addition to suggestions for eating certain types of food, there are several types of foods that should be avoided if you want to go
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